Eagle Takes Selfies With Stolen Camera, Must-See Hilarity Ensues (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Dec 2, 2013 Good News

eagle selfieYou guys, this is the best animal news of 2013. No, we haven't saved the ice caps for polar bears. No, this is not about another cat-and-space-themed Tumblr. Why do you have to mention that? Now my animal news sounds anticlimactic! Whatever, I'll tell you it anyway. Behold: An eagle grabbed a camera and took selfies of itself.

Rangers say a young sea eagle snatched up a wildlife camera from a river bank in Australia and carried it aloft to a new location about 70 miles away. The camera kept running and magic happened. Rangers edited the footage into a greatest hits reel complete with self-important selfies. Most remarkable, it appears the eagle resisted the urge to form duck lips or make sparrow face. Since the eagle cannot speak or write, I have provided captions for it.


What do you think your pets would say if they could do selfies?


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