'Prime Air' Will Cut Amazon Delivery Time to 30 Minutes George Jetson Style (VIDEO)

Raise your hand if you love Amazon! Keep it up if you love Amazon Prime and free two-day shipping. Now what if I told you that in the future, that two-day wait might be cut to a mere 30 minutes? Would you die of happiness?

On Sunday, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos told Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes that the company is planning on introducing Prime Air to its customers in as little as four years. Amazon Prime Air is a fleet of delivery drones that will be capable of delivering packages up to five pounds from one of Amazon’s 96 “mind-bogglingly massive warehouses.”


You guys, I feel like I’m in The Jetsons.

Bezos says they’re still in research and development and won’t be able to get FAA approval until at least 2015 -- a date that the CEO says is “optimistic” at best. Even though the thing works right now, he says he wants “all the reliability to say this can’t land on somebody’s head.”

Take a look to see how your packages might be delivered in the future:

I can picture my kids staring out the window to see who can spot the drone first. And aside from the cool factor, it’s going to be awesome to get some things right away. Because if there’s something I can’t wait two days for, it usually means a trip to Target -- and that takes way longer than 30 minutes.

Would you use a drone delivery service?

Image via Amazon

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