The Geek in Your Life Should Be the Easiest to Christmas Shop For

The Geek in Your Life Should Be the Easiest to Christmas Shop ForThe following is a post from our sponsor, OraTV.

Well, it’s that time of year again. Who are we kidding? It’s been that time of year ever since Halloween wrapped up. Happens every year -- some of us just wanna unwind from the hassles of trick-or-treating, but instead we’re subjected to the two-month-long holiday that is Christmas and all the headaches that go along with it.

Our apologies to those who enjoy the same 12 Christmas songs getting piped into every store EVERYWHERE. And don’t get us wrong -- the week leading up to Christmas is awesome. It’s the time we pull down the blinders and let ourselves enjoy the halls being all decked out in boughs of holly or whatever.  


Look -- we’re just saying, we’d enjoy the Christmas spirit a lot more if it weren’t shoved down our throats for two straight months.

There is hope, however. If there’s a dweeb in your life, you can breathe easy because DWEEBS ARE EASY TO SHOP FOR. Seriously, all you really need to do is talk to that person in your ... well ... your circle of people you need to buy gifts for. Ask him or her what their favorite movie is? What’s their favorite video game? Their favorite comic book character? Boom. You’re off to the races.

And yes, you can always head to your nearest Walmart or Target or whatever else is close to you. Those kinds of joints are always chock-full of merchandise for licensed characters -- the action figures, the Blu-ray Discs, and what have you. And those gifts always go over big, so if your favorite nerd, say, doesn’t own Man of Steel on Blu-ray yet, then by all means, save yourself the trouble, pick up the movie, and cross that name off your list.

But if you’re looking for stuff a little further off the beaten path, so to speak? Head on over to the Internet. There’re all kinds of great sites out there that’ll help you pick out the perfect gift the dweeb in your life might never have thought of.

You into Star Trek? Well how about some Next Generation pajamas? Classic arcade games more your speed? Try out these Pac-Man wall decals. You got a cute little kid AND you’re into Star Wars, then cover the little guy’s head with a pair of custom-made knit Yoda ears, why don’tcha?

Seriously, the list goes on and on and on.

Some sites we look at for custom geeky gift inspiration?, Etsy,, and And don’t forget the almighty Amazon and eBay. There’s a reason why they’re the big dogs. You can get pretty much anything you can think to type into a search field.

So ... sure, Christmas can be a gigantic pain in the you-know-what, for sure. But be thankful that you have a geek in your life -- at least you won’t have to worry too much about what to get them.

Now excuse us while we grind our teeth through yet another rendition of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree ...”

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