New Dating App That Lets Women 'Rate' Men Is the Worst of the Internet

Have you heard of the Lulu app? No, not Lululemon, the insanely expensive and misogynistic see-through yoga pants, but the anti-male hate app that’s described as a “crowd sourced little black book for women.”

It hooks up to your Facebook account, and then you can go through and rate the men you’ve dated. Hashtags like #NeverSleepsOver and #F***edAndChuckedMe are apparently common. And the worst part? It’s done anonymously.


I get that there are some guys that are just bad news, and it’s understandable that women that have fallen victim to them want to warn others, but this takes it too far the other way. Technology is great and all, but digital revenge isn’t.

There’s an aura of anonymity from behind the computer screen that gives people the “courage” or “freedom” to say things they wouldn’t say otherwise. When you can say things without having to put your name to them, there’s a lot you might like to vent.

Venting is one thing -- but the Internet is forever. Maybe that guy just wasn’t your cup of tequila -- it doesn’t mean he’s necessarily a bad guy. If you swipe into Lulu from your iPhone after a couple of drinks out with girlfriends or sitting on your couch sad and alone, and vent your frustration over your latest date that didn’t work out, there could be serious ramifications for that guy.

Maybe he deserves it, maybe he doesn’t. But given the amount of negative ratings of the guys that have been tagged on the app, I’m going to venture a guess that a fair amount of them are undeserved.

Do you think it’s ok to anonymously slam a guy online?

Image via See-ming Lee/Flickr

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