Man Surprises Facebook 'Friends' by Knocking on Their Doors (VIDEO)

facebook in real life

True confessions time: How many of your Facebook friends are your actual friends? As in, people you've spent actual time with in the past, let's say, 10 years. Hell, even if we amend the definition of "real" friends to be "people you've actually met in person," I'm pretty sure most of us have a fairly large percentage of Facebook friends who aren't, technically, friends at all. (I'm not trying to be mean, dude, I'm just sayin' is all.) Point is, can you imagine yourself showing up on one of your virtual friend's doorsteps, just to, you know, shoot the breeze? Cause that's exactly what Greg Benson did.


The comedian had a (completely genius) idea to film a reality series of sorts in which he would visit, unannounced, Facebook friends he barely knew in person. He suspected the results would be hilarious -- and guess what? He was right!

Although, to be fair, not every person reacted with good humor to Benson's surprise arrival; a few were downright crabby about it, actually. (But these encounters are equally amusing on a different level.)

Seriously, you've got to check this out:

HA! Are you dying?? I've gotta say, I don't think Benson would've gotten past that one chick's front door without those flowers, do you? 

What would you do if a Facebook friend you barely knew showed up on your doorstep?


Image via MediocreFilms/YouTube

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