Women Surprised With Free Groceries at Checkout Have Tear-Jerking Response (VIDEO)

andrew hales free groceriesAround the holidays, the world seems to get a little more altruistic. We're all more inclined to donate to charity when the cashier asks us to; to give food or money to the homeless; or to drop a few bucks in the Salvation Army bucket. It just seems like the right thing to do this time of year, as not everyone is fortunate enough to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas in the comfort of a warm home with people they love.

But some people go the extra mile.

Andrew Hales, who's typically known for over-the-top pranks and weird social experiments, ditched the jokey videos in favor of one guaranteed to make you weep. Hales teamed up with GungHo and Macy's to give a few unsuspecting women free groceries when they went to pay their bills. Their reactions are truly amazing, and show exactly why this is the season of giving.

Check it out:



Hales couldn't have picked better women to give free groceries to. Not only do their reactions show that they're really in need of them, they're so surprised and so incredibly grateful for this gift. I mean, one woman said, "You made my year."

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It's so rare that people -- particularly people in need -- get a true, honest-to-goodness surprise that they had absolutely no idea was coming. These women couldn't have been more shocked when they were told they were getting their groceries for free. It definitely won't change their lives, but it's a moment they'll surely remember forever. It's nice to be reminded that there are truly good people out there, isn't it?

How touching is this video? Do you do anything to help those less fortunate around the holidays?


Image via LAHWF/YouTube

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