9 Heartwarming Images That Capture JFK as a Loving Dad (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Nov 21, 2013 Good News

JFK with carolineWith Friday, November 22 being the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination, it's been difficult to avoid images, debate, news stories and documentaries galore. The subject is still a contentious, sad one for our country. But an occasion like this one also offers an opportunity to look back on JFK's life and remember who he was not just as a POTUS, but as a man, a husband, a father.

As a country, we'll never forget the gut-wrenching image of little John-John saluting at his father's funeral, but we'll also always remember the little boy under President Kennedy's Resolute desk. There are many more images like that one that aren't as famous, but are just as heartwarming.

So in honor JFK's happy Camelot days of parenting in the White House, here, eight more sweet photos of the President doting on his little ones Caroline and John F. Kennedy, Jr. ... 

What's your best memory/favorite photo of JFK with his children?

Image via Cecil Stoughton, White House, in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.

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