19 Thanksgiving Quotes About Gratitude & Grace

Jeanne Sager | Nov 13, 2017 Good News

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Happy Thanksgiving! It's that one day of the year when everyone -- even the crankiest of the bunch -- should be sitting down to take stock of the good in life and say thanks. If it were a perfect world, we'd all express our gratitude daily. But it's not always easy to know what to say. Still trying to figure out how to express gratitude over Thanksgiving dinner? Hopefully this will help. We've gathered our favorite quotes and sayings about gratitude and being thankful.

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Looking for the right words to express how grateful one is can sometimes be tricky. One wants to be eloquent, but not too formal; speak from the heart, but not be too cheesy. And most of all, we want our loved ones to know how special they are to us and recognize how lucky our lives are. But what is the right thing to say -- what's the right way to express all that?

We found quotes about gratitude and grace that will give folks the little push they need for inspiration. Consider sending these words to a family member just to let them know that their love means the world. And if it's too hard to say the words, go ahead and send them this slideshow.

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  • Not What We Say ...


    Jeanne Sager

    This is so true! This time of year we need to think of not only how lucky we are, but what we can do with that good fortune. Action speaks louder than words! 

  • Gratitude Helps Us to See ...


    Jeanne Sager

    It's so easy to see only the negative and what we lack; a bigger house, fancier vacations, the latest and greatest product that it seems like everyone else has. Thanksgiving is a good point to break away from keeping up with the Joneses and really appreciate the life that we've built. It's a good one, we promise. 

  • Be Thankful for What ...


    Jeanne Sager

    So true! Though it may not seem like it, we all have something that someone else values and wishes they had. Maybe it's a job, a relationship with a family member, or even a personality trait that they wish they had. No matter what it is, everyone has something that others wish they had, so be thankful for that! 

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  • If the Only Prayer ...


    Jeanne Sager

    How simple is that? And the message is true; those who can give thanks freely and often, are truly spreading good will to others. And for those who have yet to make gratitude a part of their daily practice, perhaps this is the moment to start! 

  • If You Are Really Thankful ...


    Jeanne Sager

    Spreading one's good luck and fortune is the greatest act of kindness. What can we all do to make someone else's life better? This is a good question to ruminate on at this year's Thanksgiving table. 

  • Feeling Gratitude ...


    Jeanne Sager

    Giving gratitude is so simple and easy. It takes no time, effort, and no money to tell someone that they are appreciated. Take a moment right now to list three things to be grateful for. See? So easy!

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  • If You Want to Turn ...


    Jeanne Sager

    Sometimes we get stuck on a negative thought path and don't know how to turn things around. May we suggest thankfulness? Not only will expressing it to others bring goodwill, but appreciating it in one's own life can show the many blessings one has. 

  • Gratitude Can Transform ...


    Jeanne Sager

    Imagine having Thanksgiving every day! Okay, so not the stressful dinner part, but the appreciation for friends and family every day is sure to make each day more meaningful. Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! 

  • Thank You Is a Wonderful ...


    Jeanne Sager

    If one wants really feel gratitude, one needs to express it far and wide. Be the person who makes others feel loved, and it will surely reap benefits. What can be better for the soul than bringing love to another person?

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  • Thanksgiving Is a Word ...


    Jeanne Sager

    We love this one! It is one thing to just feel Thanksgiving, but take action this year by giving back to others. We're sure there is someone whose Thanksgiving can be made a little better by our actions. 

  • Thanksgiving Is a Holiday ...


    Jeanne Sager

    This is beautiful -- and true! This is exactly why we love the holidays. They are days when we are forced to focus on the good in our lives and spend time with our loved ones. Is Thanksgiving the best holiday? We think so. 

  • The Hardest Arithmetic ...


    Jeanne Sager

    It may seem like we have nothing to be grateful for, but that simply isn't true. Life brings us both bad and good, and sometimes we just need to decide to recognize the good instead of focusing on the bad. So take a moment and think of one good thing; we know there is something that we all have to be thankful for. 

  • The More You Appreciate ...


    Jeanne Sager

    Once folks decide to start recognizing the good in their life, they'll see goodness everywhere. The beautiful part of life is that thoughts can be lead by momentum. So get the ball rolling in the right direction and be thankful! 

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  • We Must Find Time ...


    Jeanne Sager

    Who is coming to Thanksgiving dinner this year? Who has brought us the most joy and made us feel loved? Those are the people to recognize. Send a good thought their way this holiday season! 

  • We Should Certainly ...


    Jeanne Sager

    Focus on the right things this holiday season and use good fortune to help the lives of others. It's simple and hard at the same time. How can we all make our blessings count this year?

  • When We Give ...


    Jeanne Sager

    Though Thanksgiving is not known as the present holiday, it is still a time to be generous with one's emotions and attention. Sure Christmas or Hanukkah are about gifts, but sometimes their messages of goodwill get buried underneath the excitement about presents. But that is the beauty of Thanksgiving -- one simply needs to be thankful to celebrate.

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  • As We Express Our Gratitiude...

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    Has JFK ever been wrong? What we do and how we do it can make just as much impact as the words we say to one another. So speak kindly to others and show them how meaningful the relationship is. 

  • I Make Place for God to Grow Within Me


    The smallest moments of appreciation can add up! When we start small, we start to see the many, many moments of blessings that are around us. And we love the idea that we can "make a place for God to grow within." 

  • Thanksgiving Day Is a Jewel...

    Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

    We love Thanksgiving; the traditions, the values, the turkey, and the annual football games. But it's important to remember why we value this holiday so much as Americans. Being thankful that we are together and can appreciate how good our lives are is what makes Thanksgiving a holiday, not the cranberry sauce.

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