I Will Never Do Holiday Shopping in a Mall Again (Thank You Technology!)

Christmas shopping hasn’t been the same since the advent of online shopping. And by not the same, I mean it’s way better now. Now you can shop anywhere from your smartphone -- you don’t even need to be sitting at your computer anymore. In fact, more moms than ever are planning to do some holiday shopping on their mobile devices.

According to a survey from our sister site, The Prowl, nearly half of all moms say they will be using their smartphone or tablet to shop for presents and other holiday goodies this year.


For busy moms, virtual shopping is a dream come true. We’ve got enough on our plates already, thank you very much, what with the school programs, class parties, cookie exchanges, family visits, too much hot chocolate, and maybe too much mulled wine.

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Who has time to drag kids to the mall or money to afford a babysitter this time of year? Besides, after a long day of staying home with the kids, the last thing a mom wants to do is drag them shopping. And moms that work outside the home just want to spend some awesome quality time with their kiddos in the evening.

Anyone that says that taking kids shopping during the holidays is an enjoyable experience is obviously on something, and I’m going to need to know what it is, because I want it.

Thanks to technology, the holidays are better than ever.

Will you be shopping on a smartphone or tablet this year?


Images via Katie Landry/Flickr & The Prowl

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