4 Rad Women Complete Marine Infantry Training for First Time Ever -- Oorah!

Lady MarinesWhen you think about Marines, your first thought is of men, right? Well soon -- that might not be the case. Because get this: four females recently became the first ladies to ever complete the Marine Corps' infantry combat training regimen. Yup, these women finished the 59-day infantry evaluation course in which they were required to meet the same standards as their male counterparts. Can I get an OORAH!?

What makes this even better? This selfie of the four women, taken the day before the Marine Corps' 238th birthday. Now instead of just thinking of Opha Mae Johnson, the first woman who ever enlisted in the Marine Corps, maybe they'll think of the name Harlee "Rambo" Bradford (front and center). The names of her three friends and fellow finishers have not been released.

Let's hear it for the ... girls? Yes. Let's.


It's about time that women be given the same opportunities as men when it comes to military service. In my eyes, it's always been if a woman is as capable, in the right shape, and has the abilities and qualifications to serve in the same capacity as a man -- then they should be allowed to.

The catch? Capt. Carey of SOI-East tells Business Insider that the four women pictured will not be assigned to an infantry unit or earn an infantry occupational specialty (just yet). Yeah, that's a little frustrating, but at the same time, I think this is just an effort to be cautious. But women serving in the Marine Corps Infantry is no longer a distant thought. These four women are surely an inspiration to other females across the United States who have hopes to serve their country in combat.

The Corps plan to send even more female Marines through their pilot program, aimed at testing the viability of women in Infantry training, over the next year. Congratulations on your accomplishments, ladies. Your determination is something that has and will continue to inspire us all.

Do you think women should be allowed in the Infantry?


Image via dangshesrambo/Instagram

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