Internet Famous: 5 Celebrities and How They Got Their Fame

According to one website, every day, Americans spend over 12 hours on the Internet. Ok fine, 12 hours is not only a ridiculous exaggeration, it’s also completely made up (apparently not everything on the Internet is true), but with computers, smartphones, iPads, tablets, smartwatches, Google glasses, and the inevitable chips planted in our brains, we rarely go more than a couple hours without using the Internet in some way or another. So naturally, these days, the Internet is a great way to get famous. And everybody knows that fame is the new American dream.


Thanks to the Internet, 15 minutes of fame now translates to 15 million views, which, if your video is three minutes long, is actually 45,000,000 minutes. Carly Rae Jepsen, the “Call Me Maybe” singer, Perez Hilton, celebrity blogger, and Katherine Webb, best known for being pretty and dating a football player, are all examples of the new i-celebrities. Or is it e-celebs? The debate about which letter to use rages on. Either way, they’re only a few letters away from A-list celebrity status.

A recent report found (and this is true) that Netflix and YouTube account for half of North America’s web traffic. So let's say that a quarter of our country’s time on the Internet is spent on YouTube. Since TV channels like MTV are more interested in teen momma drama than music, what better place for musicians to pave their way than online. Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” probably comes to mind when you think of viral music videos (and also songs that make your ears bleed). Where would she be without the Internet? Performing her original music in the food court at some mall in it-doesn’t-matter-where. Netflix, Hulu+, Ora TV (which is where our show Daily ReHash lives), and others like them are busy producing their own content to compete with television networks. Sketch comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele from the show Key & Peele are constantly reminding their YouTube viewers that they can watch their show on Comedy Central. ON TV? What are you, over 30 years old? Gross.

But the truth is, like the show Key and Peele, there is a lot of great content on the Internet (ahem, Daily ReHash), and like Rebecca Black, there is a lot of stuff that makes us hope for some kind of apocalypse (crossing our fingers for zombie).

To see the Top 5 Celebrities who became famous thanks to the Internet, watch this episode of Daily ReHash.

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