Woman Uses Facebook to Find the Mother She Never Knew (VIDEO)

betsyThe digital age has brought about a lot of things -- not all of them good. These days, people endlessly complain about how disconnected we are from one another because of all the technology. Well, they only need to read the story of Elizabeth Boys to have restored faith in how amazing all these advances are. Adopted as a baby, she found her birth mother in just 36 hours using a social networking site we all use every day.


She was inspired by her sister, who was also adopted and had found her biological family two years ago. So she created a Facebook page to kick off her search. The message was simple:

My name is Elizabeth Boys aka Betsy. I was born at St. Francis Hospital in Beech Grove, IN on May 29th, 1984. I am searching for my biological mother.

First sharing it with friends, by the end of the day, the page had circulated to people across the state. Then people all over the country were reading about it. And amazingly, it got to the right people. Exactly 36 hours after her page went live, she had a message from a biological aunt, the brother she didn't know she had, and a cousin. It just gives you chills. It's a prime example of how Facebook expands our community in such a significant way.

Elizabeth had no idea it would happen so fast. She is still marveling at the quick journey and the fact that she looks so much like the family she never knew. "It's crazy," she told HuffPo Live. Though it's not a perfectly happy ending just yet. Her mother was not quite ready to meet her face to face when the news first broke. But she is looking forward to sitting down with her in the next couple weeks. That hiccup, of course, doesn't take away from how amazingly inspiring the search has been.

She undoubtedly gives hope to so many other adopted children who long to find their birth families. Not all searches will be so quick and easy, but it's certainly a good way to start.

How has the Internet made your life better?

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