Netflix Streaming Gets a Makeover That Makes It Seem Brand New Again

Does your Netflix look different today? Don’t panic -- the bigwigs over at HQ gave the streaming interface a long overdue makeover. For the millions who watch Netflix using a PlayStation, Xbox 360, Roku, and some Blu-ray players and smart TVs, things may look very different -- a lot more like Hulu, actually.

Netflix has basically changed the way we watch movies and TV shows. First they started that whole genius DVDs-in-the-mail thing, and then with the streaming. I remember when I used to drive my red envelopes to the post office so they would go out that day so I could get a faster turn-around time for my next disc of Lost or Alias.


Ahh, those were the days. Now I just click a button for the next episode. Sometimes I worry that my kids will never develop delayed gratification skills, but that’s a topic for another post.

Anyway, back to these changes. When you make a show selection, there will be a shorter description, but more information on recommended titles, whether it's won any awards, and if you’ve connected to Facebook, which friends have watched it. Because there’s really no such thing as privacy anymore.

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It looks a lot like Hulu to me, which is my other media poison when it comes to rotting my brain. Between the two streaming services, I’ve actually cancelled my cable.

I’ve discovered that Netflix is better for movies and concluded seasons of TV shows, and Hulu is better for “current” television. It’s not live, but I haven’t really watched live TV since before I became a mom anyway, so it’s not like that’s a big change for me.

So I’ll discover a new show, like Scandal, and blast through the first couple seasons on Netflix, and then catch up on current episodes on Hulu. They’re usually up the day after they air on the networks, but if you’re like me, you save a few up for a binge on a Friday night with chips and guac and wine out of a box. I’m classy like that.

Do you still have cable?

Image via Jenny Erikson

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