Facebook Status Generator Will Take All Your Old Updates & Make Them Hilarious

facebookEver think about your Facebook status updates -- I mean, really think about them? In the busy blur of daily modern life, checking in with the world via social media has become so commonplace, so habitual, that most of us don't give too much thought to what, exactly, we're saying to the world at large -- but the new Facebook status auto-generator "What Would I Say" could change all that. The "bot" combs through all of your past posts to make a sort of status stew, churning out odd bits of prose that, at first, seem completely random and bizarre ... almost like something you'd hear a wannabe poet reciting at a spoken word poetry open mic night. Click "generate status" a few (dozen) times, however, and you'll be wondering what sort of weirdo you are, anyway. 

Seriously, you've got to try this thing. One word of warning, though ...


It's completely and utterly addictive and you'll pretty much waste at least an entire afternoon on this crap. Here are a few of the more amusing results I got, ranging from absurd to comical to surprisingly profound:

Mission Start a Small World is dismally silent without your laugh. Meet Robert Pattinson??

To paraphrase Jack White, He still not sure ...

Next week's theme is For crying out loud, will appreciate this really cool compilation album featuring the supremely talented Tyler and I don't care if they're home sick with me?

And people ate it!!

Mike, make consistently bad sign on his bed, it's my Blackberry is at middle school?!

Maybe we got gremlins in children's backpacks free of old letters yesterday Charlotte.

I will happily wait a hammer and a world where it would fit.

I'd settle for a headline I did this for real??

These moods can turn dark and he's already joining the circus!

I'm still a choking hazard as a bit since high school!

See, like right now I'm thinking: Am I a choking hazard? And when am I meeting Robert Pattinson?!

You've got to try this, like, right now. Post your best update in the comments!!

What would YOU say?


Image via Casey Fleser/Flickr

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