Invisible Bike Helmets Are a Real Thing Thanks to 2 Savvy Female Inventors

Admit it -- bike helmets suck. Ok, fine, they don’t suck in that they can save your life by saving your noggin if for some reason it was ever slammed on the ground, but other than that, they’re hot and itchy and they mess up your hair. Plus wouldn’t it be awesome to speed along a trail and feel the wind whipping through your locks?

Two Swedish women have come up with a solution to this conundrum: The invisible bike helmet. And it really, truly works.


Ok, it’s not technically invisible, it’s just off your head and hidden until you need it. The “helmet” is what appears to be a scarf around your neck, which you put on and activate when you want to go for a ride.

After seven years of development and testing, the entrepreneurs came up with a product that uses airbag technology to rapidly inflate a protective bubble around your head in the event of a spill.

The invisible helmets have been put through countless simulation tests, and it looks like they really work. Take a look:

Want your own? They’re for sale -- at the low low cost of about $535. Hey, I said it was cool, not cheap.

Would you feel safe wearing an invisible helmet while cycling?

Image via Focus Forward Films/Vimeo

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