5 Cool Gadgets That Make Your iPhone Even More Magical (PHOTOS)

Mighty PurseCan you imagine waking up on time without your iPhone alarm clock? Or figuring out directions to that new restaurant without your phone’s GPS? No, neither can we! That’s why over on The Prowlwe’ve rounded up some super innovative gadgets that make using these apps even easier. Our iPhones may already be the coolest tech toys we own, but there is also a whole array of products that play up our phone’s best features -- for instance, behold the Mighty Purse (Firebox, $137.69), which has a built-in phone charger!

Below, you'll find five of the coolest iPhone gadgets. Then head over to The Prowl to see even more!


iPhone 5/5s Alarm Clock Dock


The alarm clock is one of our favorite iPhone features since we love waking up to our favorite songs from our iTunes playlists. This alarm clock dock (Urban Outfitters, $40) easily hooks up to your phone to make it work and appear like a traditional alarm clock. 

iPhone Specialty Camera Lenses

iPhone Specialty Camera Lenses 

These specialty camera lenses (Restoration Hardware, $49) are for those of you who are obsessed with taking the coolest iPhone pics to post on Instagram and Facebook. The macro lens is great for close-ups, the fisheye lens takes stunning wide angle shots, and the polarized lens reduces reflections and captures truer color. 

iPhone Selfies Remote


Take group pictures like a pro with iSnapxRemote (Give Simple, $25), and no one will ever have to be left out to be the photographer.

Grippy Pad


We’re all guilty of occasionally using our phones when we should have both hands on the steering wheel. Using the maps feature on your phone while driving just got easier (and safer!), thanks to the Grippy Pad (Firebox, $11.39), which allows you to mount your phone on the dashboard.

iPhone Cable Keep


Charger cables get tangled and damaged when they are not properly wrapped. The CableKeep (Urban Outfitters, $16) shortens the cord as you charge your phone and allows you to neatly wrap up the charger for storage.

Find all 13 Cool iPhone Gadgets over on The Prowl! You can buy them right now from our fun list.

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