Little Girl Catches Pedophiles Online Because They Don't Know She's Not Real

Nothing makes me sicker to my stomach than pedophiles. All people that would use and abuse others for their own sick and twisted pleasures should go to Hell, but I like to believe there’s a special place there for those who would do it to children.

Fighting child sex-trafficking has always been difficult. It’s incredibly hard to prove unless you catch them in the act, and it tends to happen more in countries like the Philippines, where even the authorities exploit children in order to bring in the money from sick men from wealthier countries.


Modern technology has made it even easier than ever for pedophiles to access children for sex, through the Internet and webcams. Scum buckets no longer have to take a trip to an exotic third-world country to get their fix -- they can go online during their lunch break, pay with a prepaid, untraceable credit card, virtually rape a child, and then go back to work like nothing happened.  

It’s called “Webcam Child Sex Tourism,” and did I mention this is sick? SICK.

But there’s hope. A Dutch child-rights organization called Terre des Hommes The Netherlands is using the very technology that these men exploit to catch them in the act. They use a little girl named “Sweetie,” a 10-year-old from the Philippines, to gather bits of information about the perpetrators through her chats with them.

They search social media using their screen names, Google things like profession, age, and geographic location, and compare pictures to the images they show to Sweetie of themselves jacking off. They’re so distracted by what this little girl is doing, they don’t even know they’re giving too much information about themselves away.

It would be horrible to exploit any child, even if it meant apprehending bad men in the act, but here’s the catch -- Sweetie isn’t real. She’s a computer model. The most fantastically amazing, realistic computer model I’ve ever seen.

And even though she’s not real, I think she’s my hero.

Take a look at this amazing video -- it is safe for work, but the content is disturbing because, duh, we’re talking about child sex slaves.  

Are you disturbed by the sheer numbers of people that engage in this?

Image via Sweetie/YouTube

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