This Video Will Make You Ashamed to Whip Out Your Smartphone

smartphoneWhat was life like before the smartphone? Hard to remember, right? Now, we can't make it through a meal or a walk from the front door to the garage without checking email or text messages. We are OBSESSED. Truly, deeply, undeniably obsessed. But for all that we believe we get from these miraculous little machines, we never think about all we miss because of them. This "I Forgot My Phone" video really drives that notion home.  If this doesn’t make you feel ashamed of your smartphone obsession, nothing will.


Just look at all the moments we are missing out on. It’s really horrible how we happily we let life pass us by. I'm certainly guilty of it as, is just about every other person I know (aside from my 83-year-old Granny who is still mystified by the workings of her VCR). These devices have so much control over our lives.

Think about the moment of panic that strikes when you think you've forgotten your phone at home. The first thought is, "How the hell will I get through the day without it?" But fact of the matter is, you can get through your life without a smartphone glued to your hand. The reason I know this is true? Not long ago we once did. They keeps us enjoing time with friends, experiencing the world, and literally smelling the roses.

Perhaps instead of playing Candy Crush on my way to work (yes, I do this while walking down the street), I will actually take in my surroundings. Sometimes it's smarter to just be.

Could you give up for smartphone? For how long?

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