Marines Returning Home Get Amazing First-Class Surprise From Passengers

american airlines airplane at chicagoAnd now for your morning dose of something uplifting, inspiring, that won't make you hate your fellow mankind! That may actually restore your faith in them! Yes, I realize that's a gargantuan promise. But this story lives up to it.

It all began when Stephanie Hare called the USO at Chicago O'Hare Airport and explained that her fiance, Rajan, who had served seven months in Afghanistan, was with a dozen other Marines on a plane bound for Chicago from Baltimore. Her intent was to see if maybe the USO could "get them some Chicago pizza, champagne, or something, that would mean a lot." Definitely! John Colas, the 74-year-old former Marine USO volunteer who took her call, assured her he would do his best to try to make that happen ...


Colas rallied a reception of 15 Chicago firemen and an equal number of Chicago police who all formed a corridor for the Marines when they got off the plane. Of course, they were incredibly touched, "so thankful -- very, very appreciative," according to Linda Kozma, an American Airlines employee who helps military personnel flying in and out of O'Hare. But that was just the beginning!

On some of the Marines' next flight to San Diego, they learned that American Airlines had six empty seats in first class for the group. When seven first-class passengers learned that there were even more Marines boarding than available first-class seats would accommodate, they actually jumped up and gave up their seats! Amazing! I'm really honestly a bit shocked. Those seven passengers were so selfless to do that so the Marines could sit together.

Capt. Pravin Rajan said in a telephone interview from Camp Pendleton in California to FOX:

It was incredibly touching. Afghanistan is a very complex and ambiguous war ... and a difficult thing to keep track of so it is amazing when we are 10 years (into) a war and there is still that kind of community, that level of support, the level of willingness to go out of one's way.

Couldn't agree more. Also, it seems much more frequent that we hear about people acting in their own self interest unfortunately. But now and then, we do what's right. And that's exactly, happily what happened here.

What's the most selfless thing you've ever seen someone -- or a group of people -- do like this?


Image via JOHN GRESS/Corbis

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