5 Tense Situations That Call For A Silly Selfie

We already know the selfie has gotten out of control. What used to serve as a whimsical way for, mostly teens, to show the world how much they love themselves and their duck faces has quickly become a way of documenting every single situation in which they've ever been involved in their lives, including scenarios that require you to, ideally, BE in the moment. Like...maybe...Monday's lockdown at Central Connecticut State? Yes, thanks to technology, students were actually able to post selfies during the emergency (which, thankfully, turned out to be a false alarm), even giving them the nifty hashtag #LockDownSelfie

But before you chastise these young folks, consider this: the selfie may just be helping these teens deal with stress, trauma, and uncomfortable life experiences. And I can think of at least five more situations where you should not be shocked to see a selfie. 



Funerals. By now you've probably heard about the Selfies At Funerals Tumblr, which is exactly what it sounds like: young people taking photos of themselves at funerals because who, at age 16, knows how to deal with death? Teens are handled like nuclear weapons at wakes and funerals, gently passed around from one kind person to another for hugs and kind words. But lest we forget -- this is the age where they need comfort most from peers. And selfies elicit immediate responses from friends -- sometimes replies that are innappropriate and meant to be humorous -- but that are still more healing to teens than a squeeze from Great Aunt Dorothy.

Fire Drills/Airline Evacuations/Etc. Remember when you were a teen and spent 95 percent of your day laughing nervously at things you didn't understand or that were far too scary to even think about? Which, when you're 14, is, like, everything? If you were in possession of a Smartphone and Instagram, selfies would have replaced at least 50 percent of your laughter. Of course, young people still need to be reminded of how utterly foolish it is to take a selfie during an emergency. God forbid they're too busy wrapped in their own image to miss crucial safety information.

From hospital beds. Aside from news of school shootings and other horrific incidents with which they are bombarded with almost daily, the scariest thing in the world to a teen is a very sick person in the hospital. Adults often can't make sense of disease and death, so I would be less than shocked to see a teen's selfie that features folks wearing scrubs in the background.

Horrible family reunions/holiday get-togethers. The teens in your brood are totally aware of the fact that, despite all of the air kisses, no one in your family actually gets along. Rather than rant in their journals about how phony everyone is, it's much funnier to take a selfie in front of Uncle Bart, who has chosen to pass out in an armchair rather than associate with his own flesh and blood.

While in labor. Don't freak -- this one isn't directed at teens. There are few instances in a woman's life when she is going to feel as out of control as she will right before delivering a baby. Why not lighten the mood by posing in front of the nurse's station? Even better: grab your camera just as your doc is about to administer the epi. And don't forget your duck face!

What do you think of young people taking selfies during odd and tense situations? 


Image via KaYoTiC COBRA/Twitter 

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