20 Excuses You Can Use to Not Answer a Text Message (VIDEO)

Remember those days when someone called you, and if you didn't want to talk, you could just -- not pick up the phone? (Aging myself here.) Of course, you can still do that, but ignoring someone is not as easy as it used to be. Hell, it's virtually impossible. People text, they tweet, they email, they IM, they get right in your face 24/7 and are like, "Whyyyyy didn't you answer me???" And god forbid you try to say, like, you know, you have a LIFE and other things to do. That just don't fly. So you have to come up with some lame excuse. Here are 20 excuses you can use to not answer someone's text message.


1. My phone died.

2. Text message? Weeeeird. Must be something wrong with my phone.

3. I thought that was from last week.

4. I did text you back! You didn't get it?

5. Limited text messages. Need to up my limit.

6. I was wearing mittens and couldn't type.

7. OMG, I bet my boyfriend/mom/wife/dog deleted it!

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8. I was at the opera and had to turn off my phone.

9. That whole NSA thing scares me.

10. Changed my ringtone and didn't recognize you!

11. Did you NOT hear a hurricane blew through here? We're all two feet under!

12. Spent all night chasing my phone through the city streets. Thank god for "Find My Phone" app!

13. No reception! Weird little pockets. Need to change carriers.

14. I read that texting ruins your relationships.

15. Not text message enabled.

16. OMG, I've been craaaaazy busy.

17. I totally felt like this was too important for text.

18. Doctor put drops in my eyes. Totally couldn't see all day!

19. Was driving. You don't want me to DIE, do you?

20. OMG, that must have gone to someone else!

And in case those are too average for you, there are some crazier suggestions in the video below.

Do you use an excuse when you don't reply to a text or do you just suck it up and say you didn't feel like replying?

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