Dying Boy Gets One Last Christmas Thanks to Amazing Town (VIDEO)

christmas decorations in port clinton ohio for devin Every year, it seems like Christmas decorations and candy infiltrate retail stores earlier and earlier. Well before we've even gotten a chance to enjoy Halloween or Thanksgiving for crying out loud! It's ridiculous! Except for when it's 100 percent necessary ... Such is the case in Port Clinton, Ohio this year, where 13-year-old resident Devin Kohlman is dying of aggressive brain cancer and may not make it to see the holiday season this year. Ugh.

That's why the entire town has banded together to make sure Devin gets to enjoy it early. "Seriously everyone," according to Toledo News Now, has begun decorating and celebrating early for Devin. That means holiday lights strung around town. Walmart has donated presents to his family. And Devin even has a view of a "winter wonderland" from his hospital bed, positioned near his apartment's bay window. Incredible, right?


His window looks out onto a park where a star that says "Merry Christmas Devin" hangs, and where a Christmas tree donated by the mayor has been erected, reports the Port Clinton News Herald.

That's not even all! Get this -- on Monday, hundreds of neighbors dressed up and gathered across the street to sing carols for Devin. And when he came home from the hospital Sunday night, he was escorted by a parade the town deemed "Operation Bright and Loud" involving neighbors, police, firefighters, and more than 100 vehicles. Amazing, amazing, amazing. 

Considering all the dark and ugly in our world every day, this is a bright spot. Of course the impetus for all this good in Port Clinton is absolutely heartwrenching, downright devastating. But the way it has brought an entire town together -- in a way that seems to only still exist in Normal Rockwell paintings and episodes of Gilmore Girls -- is awesome. Their group effort to make one boy's final days as merry and bright as can be is, well, beautiful. And if it doesn't restore your faith in humanity a little bit, I don't know what will! 

Have you ever been a part of a similar community effort? 

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