New App Lets You See Your Partner's STD Test Results

I'm going to file this one under: so glad I'm no longer 20. It seems young people are so distrustful of one another that they don't actually believe it when their partner tells them they are STD-free. And I guess that's really smart because lots of young -- and middle-aged and old -- people lie. The only way to be sure your potential sex partner is being honest is to check their medical records for yourself. But that's just a teenage dream, isn't it? Oh, and it's incredibly illegal, as well.

Well a new app named Hula is here to help you find a clinic and get tested, get the results sent to your phone, and then even share those (hopefully clean) results on your online dating profile or while you're on a date. Imagine the dialogue: Oh, you don't have chlamydia? Pass the ketchup please. 


The nice thing about Hula is that instead of accepting that infuriating response by doctors after you've taken a test -- the one that goes "Don't call us, we'll call you if there's a problem" -- the results are actually sent to your phone. You needn't sit around for weeks wondering if they just forgot to call. 

But I'm not sure how I feel about the info appearing on people's online dating profiles. I mean, great for them, I bet they'll get a hundred more dates than someone who doesn't have his or her STD record published, but what about the poor souls who don't have an iPhone or this app? Are they going to be passed up by potential love interests who take their online silence for proof that they're suffering from all sorts of sexual diseases that they're just waiting to spread around town? 

The app features a really cute zipper that your partner is supposed to swipe down to reveal the results of your testing. But at what point during a date do you whip out your phone and let them have a peek at your STD records? If you do this too early, your date will think you've already assumed you guys are going to have sex -- which may kill the date. If you hold off until you're making out on a couch, well, awkward. I like the idea -- I guess -- but the logistics of it are lost on me here. 

With all that said, I have a daughter and would rather she kill the mood slightly and make sure her partner is STD-free than throw caution to the wind and take risks with her health. So I completely approve of this bizarre and kind of sad (but necessary?) app.

What do you think about an app that lets you share your STD records?

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