5 Reasons to Trade In Your iPhone for an Android

Let me be frank. You be Wanda. Ok, that was a lame joke ... but I do need to tell y’all something up front: I am a diehard iPhone fan. Technology is hard, y’all, and my iPhone 5 and I just understand each other. Sure, sometimes she’s temperamental, but usually a little tough love involving a simple reboot and she’s back to surfing the web and running Candy Crush like a boss.

That being said ... there have to be some cool things about Androids, especially considering that more people own them than their Apple competitors. So I took an unscientific poll on Twitter to find out what it is that people like about their Androids and discovered the interesting reason why so many people choose an Android over an iPhone.


They don’t like Apple.

Seriously -- that’s basically it. Well, there are a few more specific reasons than that, because everyone has his or her own reasons for not liking Apple. Once we got over all the Apple hate (people really do feel passionately about their smartphones!), Android users told me why they liked their product better.

Here are the top five reasons you might consider trading in your iPhone for an Android:

  1. You Love the Google: If you’re on a PC, run Windows, and use Gmail in a Chrome browser, you might have a better integration experience with Android than with iPhone.
  2. Avoid the Zombie Apocalypse: One responder to my tweet said that Apple fans “are like zombies.” To be fair, he did say there’s nothing wrong with that, and I am a self-proclaimed Apple zombie. But some people prefer not to be a part of the cult of Apple zombies.
  3. Affordability: Androids are generally cheaper. The end.
  4. Better Tools: The people I talked to said they preferred the keyboards on Droids, and they thought the cameras were better.
  5. Control Freakery: One person said, “The control freak nature of the entire Apple ecosystem drives me nuts. Apple decides how users interact with their products.” Now as a tech dunce, I like that Apple limits my options so I don’t go down a shady alley and get technologically mugged or something. But if you know your way around tech, you might like having more options.

What kind of cellphone do you have?

Image via LEE JAE-WON/Corbis

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