'Things You Do Online' Will Make You Cringe at How Creepy Facebook Can Be (VIDEO)

creepy online

So, "Facebook etiquette" exists, right? I mean, the social media network has been around long enough at this point for there to have developed a long, largely unspoken set of "rules" decent Facebook users are expected to follow -- except nobody really does, because everybody still "overshares" and gets into arguments with people they don't even know over trivial stuff like whether or not a movie is as awesome as people claim. Anyway, the point is, there IS a sort of Facebook code of ethics -- but how would this online credo translate to the real world?? 

It wouldn't, as this hilarious new video proves. "Things You Do Online That Would Be Creepy in Real Life" shows what would happen if people followed virtual protocol IRL -- the aforementioned "oversharing" and arguing with strangers, for example -- and, well, what can I say? The interwebs make us do some crazy things, apparently.


Really, I'd hate to spoil this gem by attempting to set it up any more than I already have. You've just got to see this one for yourself! Be prepared to laugh (and cringe inwardly):


OH MY GOD. Was I right?? "Look at my dog. Look at my dog. Look at my dog." It's one of those "laugh at the world while laughing at yourself and being secretly glad that you're not the only horse's ass out there."

"Blue hoodie! Liked."

Does this video remind you of things you do online?


Image via BuzzFeedVideo/YouTube

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