Top 8 Reasons Facebook Deserves a 'Dislike'

According to a recent survey, Facebook is down in popularity among teens -- for the first time ever. Well, at least since the launch of Piper Jaffray’s semi-annual report on the habits of American teens.

And according to my own unofficial research conducted by listening to my friends and wasting less and less time on Facebook myself, it seems that more and more people are growing tired of the social media behemoth. Seriously you guys, I think there was an entire 24-hour period last week I didn’t check Facebook even once. It was weird.


Here are the top 8 reasons I don’t think Facebook is the bee’s knees anymore.

  1. Privacy settings: They’re always changing. Is it even possible to remain hidden anymore?
  2. Suggested posts: I don’t care about your IT solutions. We’re lucky I know how to use a computer, mmmkay?
  3. Size: I have too many people on my “friends” list. I don’t want to un-friend anyone either. 
  4. Drama: Why yes, just because I shared a cute story about my child, you have every right to publically criticize my parenting. Or something.
  5. Candy Crush: Actually … I play this. But I’ve been stuck on the same level for a month and it’s annoying me. So it goes on the bad list.
  6. Data mining: I know, I know … no one has to put information out there … but it’s weird to think how much information people can gather about your life from your status updates.
  7. Chat: No, I don’t want you to chat at me, random stranger. If I want to talk to you, you probably already have my number, so go ahead and text me like a normal person.
  8. Better options: Twitter is better for random public conversations, and Instagram is better for pictures.

Do you still think Facebook is king of the social media world? Or are you moving on?


Image via Duncan Andison/Corbis

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