Survey Says Millennials Lose That Loving Feeling Thanks to Technology

Millennials are the first group of adults that have really grown up in the Internet age. Generally speaking, they’re a much more tech-savvy generation than those that came before them. Cellphones in high school, college textbooks on tablets, and of course texting and all those social media sites.

So what do these youngins think about modern technology? According to a recent poll, many of them think technology makes us less human. Although that might not be a negative thing to these kids, because the majority of the 18- to 24-year-olds polled also “want technology to be more personal and know their habits.”


Really, do these kids even know what they want out of their technological experience? While nearly 90 percent of them admitted that advances in technology make life easier, a full 60 percent said people “rely on it too much and that it can be dehumanizing.”

To confuse matters further, 70 percent of respondents said technology “enhances their personal relationships.”

So which is it, millennials? Does technology enhance our personal relationships, or does it dehumanize us? Because it seems to me that those two things don’t exactly go hand-in-hand.

Personal relationships are all about being human. How are we supposed to personally relate to others if we’re all turning into dehumanized cyborgs?

Technology doesn’t have to be dehumanizing and in fact can be great for connecting with more people than ever before in human history. Just don’t forget that there’s a real person at the other end of that Twitter feed.

Do you think modern technology is dehumanizing?


Image via Bill Varie/Corbis

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