High-Tech Grocery Store Cameras Will Spy On You While You Shop

Because nothing is private anymore, and everything must be tracked and databased these days, some grocery store shelves will be going high-tech in 2015. Yes, the shelves. No cool new refrigeration devices, no whole-cart barcode scanners ... the shelves.

The techie shelves will be fitted with built-in cameras and will watch us while we shop to get intelligence. It will track things like age and sex, and what kind of products you buy, before it eats your soul.


Just kidding about that last part -- I think. The stated purpose from Mondelez, the company that owns some pretty big name brands like Chips Ahoy, Nabisco, and Ritz, is to “build a data-base of basic information about grocery store customers like age and sex, so it can better market its products.”

It still sounds weird, but don’t pass me a tinfoil hat before I find out if this will get me discounts on snack foods. I’m down with the coupons, even if it means creepy cameras will be watching me shop. Who’s going to be monitoring that footage anyway?

Do grocery store shelf video cameras sound cool or creepy?


Image via 1sock/Flickr

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