Warning: Someone Can Steal That Racy Selfie Without You Knowing

Confession: I never really got Snapchat. I signed up for an account, played around with it for a day or two, then decided I didn’t really see the point of an app that only displays a picture for a few seconds. What if I wanted to look at it again?

I get the concept ... it’s a safer way to send racy or risqué pictures. But hi, screenshots! How’re you? Snapchat will at least warn you if someone screenshots your snap, so maybe you can angrily shake your fist at them, but what’s done is done, man.


But now Snaphack has gotten around the screenshot notification thing. The $0.99 app “allows you to save any and all photos and videos you receive through Snapchat without informing the person who sent it.”

By logging into Snapchat via Snaphack, it grabs the pics and videos permanently. You can even save them straight to your iPhone’s ‘blackmail’ folder, and since you used a third party, the sender won’t even know you opened it, let alone are planning their demise via awkward half-naked selfie.

Just a reminder that the Internet is forever kids. Stay safe out there. And for the love -- if you send a sexy selfie, don’t get mad when it shows up online.

Do you use Snapchat?

Image via J.Emilio Flores/Corbis

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