Pastor Accused of Killing Couple in Front of Their Kids Put on Chilling Show at Funeral

Kenneth Allen KeithA shocking triple homicide in a Kentucky town has claimed the lives of a mother and father of two young children and a 60-year-old customer at the couple's pawn shop. Now the identity of the man accused of gunning down all three in front of the couple's children is out -- and it's just as shocking. Cops say a pastor killed Michael Hockensmith and his wife, Angela Hockensmith, as well as Daniel Smith.

A pastor? Aren't they supposed to be the good guys?

Pastor Kenneth Allen Keith certainly played himself off as a good egg at the parents' funeral. That's right, the funeral.


After allegedly shooting the Hockensmiths and Smith at the couple's store, leaving 9-year-old Andrew Hockensmith and his 14-month-old sister to find their parents and call 911, Keith reportedly showed up at the Hockensmiths' funeral where he was ministering to folks in their grief.

What's that old saying? Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing?

What kind of pastor kills people? What kind of pastor kills people ... in front of their KIDS? And what kind of pastor shows up at the funeral, acting like nothing was wrong?

Maybe Keith was trying to cover the tracks of his alleged crime? Michael Hockensmith was a youth pastor, and Keith was the former owner of the Hockensmiths' pawn shop. To not show up at the funeral might have been noticed. 

And yet, the lack of true compassion it takes for a man to actually offer himself up to help "mourners" after allegedly causing them to mourn in the first place is chilling. It shows a true lack of a moral compass.

We have a habit of holding certain professions in higher esteem, of expecting people who have a "calling" to particular jobs to be above the fray. Sadly, a title can be just that -- a title. It means nothing if the person who holds it is not willing to live up to the responsibility of being held in such high esteem.

What do you make of the identity of the suspect here? Are you shocked that a pastor would do this?


Image via police

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