New Watch Counts Down the Minutes to Your Death So You Can Live Better

Admit it: you're not using your time on earth wisely, are you? I mean, you're probably doing a kickass job raising your kids and meeting professional goals, but have you booked that trip to Mount Kilimanjaro yet? Yeah, me neither. Well, if you're willing to donate a bit of your hard-earned cash to fund a new project, you might soon be the proud owner of a Tikker watch -- which will happily count down the years, days, minutes, and seconds until the day you kick the bucket. Just in time for the holiday season, guys!


Here's how the Tikker would work: you'd first fill out a questionnaire, presumably consisting of questions about your age, current health issues, and whether you smoke, and the watch would estimate a life span for you. Then you slap that baby on your wrist and begin checking it every time you are faced with the dilemma of whether you should wash that pile of dishes in your sink or sit on the floor and teach your toddler how to speak French. 

I am picturing hundreds of families with amazing senses of humor running out to buy the Tikker as 60th birthday presents for their cantankerous uncles. People will get these at work, along with Old Fart joke birthday cards. Hell, I can think of 15 people I know who would find this hilarious -- mainly, no only, because it gives a life span estimate. Can you imagine if this delivered the real deal and you could actually count down the seconds until your actual death? I would spend every second staring at it and sobbing.

With all that said, I'm ashamed to admit my first thought when I considered what I'd do if I knew I had a certain number of years on this planet was to start planning vacations and reading a ton of books I've been shelving. Then I watched the amazing video made by Tikker and realized people would use this device for even more useful and human reasons -- like to remind themselves to forgive and forget rather than carry anger around with them for 40 years, 3 days, and 24 minutes. 

Do you think this watch is cool or too macabre?


Image via Kickstarter

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