Facebook Offers Free Wi-Fi But Some Won't Be Happy About What They Want in Return

Facebook and networking giant Cisco just got together, and now they want to offer you free Wi-Fi while you shop in exchange for information about your shopping and social habits.

I’m not exactly sure of the nitty-gritty details, but it looks like you’re able to access free Wi-Fi on your mobile device, tablet, laptop, etc., just by checking in on Facebook.


Cisco says it’s a “connected mobile experience,” or CMX for short, and is being tested in shops, hotels, restaurants, and other public areas around the world.

It added:

This solution, coined CMX for Facebook Wi-Fi, helps improve the consumer experience, provides a quick and simple way for consumers to access Wi-Fi by checking in on Facebook, and gives businesses more opportunities to connect with their customers.

Ok, I know I’m supposed to be all up in arms about my privacy on Facebook, but really, everything I want to keep private, I keep off of Facebook. But for things I like connecting with other people about, I’ll throw it out there -- even checking in at fun places.

Now they want to give me free Wi-Fi to do the same thing I was doing before, and also on top of that, I might get coupons or special offers or something because they’re “tracking” me? Done.

Would you check in on Facebook for free Wi-Fi?

Image via AJ Cann/Flickr

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