Google’s Yosemite Park Doodle Is the Only Yosemite You’ll See for Awhile (Thanks, Government!)

Google has become famous for its Google doodles -- the little sketches that they'll use to jazz up its home search page on special occasions. There was the pinata for its 15th anniversary. The teen whose winning doodle honoring her military dad made the landing page in May. Three billion people go to the Google home page every day. The doodle began in 1998, with a sketch of the Burning Man festival. Today, Google went with what might be a sly reference to the government shutdown -- or could just be a weird coincidence. The doodle is a drawing of various symbols representing Yosemite Park, one of the major parks to shut down due to the government's big old hissy fit.


Yosemite, along with other great institutions of America, like the Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, and the Smithsonian, will be shut down due to those yuk yuks in office who continue to pay themselves while furloughing millions of government employees because one side wants this, the other wants that, and neither will budge. You know, like toddlers. Actually, toddlers are more mature. And toddlers wouldn't EVER shut down the parks!!

Back to Google. Was this on purpose? The timing is rather suspect. Some think it's just a big mistake, but I say it doesn't take that long to sketch out a doodle. Once it became clear that the government was going to cross its arms, stamp its foot, pout, and refuse to play, someone in Google probably whipped up the drawing.

On the other hand, Google's brilliant engineering minds could just be kind of clueless as to what is going on in the world. Kind of like how Google Plus came out WAY after anyone needed another social sharing network.

Let's just blame it on the government.

Do you think the doodle of Yosemite was bad timing or a prank?


Image via Google

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