Woman Dumped by Text Uses Her Blog to Publicly Destroy Him -- Yikes!

The world is your oyster when you're young, not so much in love, pissed off, and when you just happen to be a blogger who can shame the pants off the one who scorned you. A 26-year-old woman did exactly that on her blog, Little Black Blog. A man she calls "Rando," whom she dated twice, foolishly decided to call it quits via a text message. Quin Woodward Pu says she was "stunned into paralysis" after receiving the text and even had to leave her opera rehearsals early because she was "agitated" by the young man's horrible etiquette. 

So she did something that is within the power of every young woman with a social media platform these days and set out to make this man's life a living hell. Vive L'Amour!


Quin begins with the backstory of their "love affair," revealing she encountered the incredibly drunk Rando at a bar. When they met for dinner and drinks, she says there was chemistry but that she wasn't shocked because she has "chemistry with pretty much everyone." Okay. The next thing we know is that they shared one more dinner the following weekend, which made Quin feel pretty confident she could invite Rando to her birthday party. Old Rando couldn't make it, but thought it was a sufficient exchange to treat Quin to a weekend trip to Wine Country. Which just screams odd, but I guess seems exciting when you're 26.

Quin then received this amazing text from Rando:

Listen I had fun on Sat but quite honestly I am in a state of flux right now and am really not looking for a relationship. Sorry to be a downer before your birthday but I have no doubt you'll move on quickly as you are a funny, smart, cool girl! Good luck. 

Oh lord, Rando. I know these two only dated twice, but if you're going to invite a girl on a weekend wine trip, I think you owe her a phone call. You probably owe her a call no matter what  -- just to be decent. Or do what we did back in ancient times and just never call the person back. Anything is better than a text with exclamation points.

Well, don't cry for Quin. Her blog rebuttal came fast and furious. She revealed that Rando used his agency's BlackBerry to sext her and that she was planning on forwarding screenshots of his sext messages to his boss. All those in favor of returning to rotary phones, say "aye!"

What would you do if you were broken up with via text message?  

Image via StrebKR/Flickr

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