Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake Give Hashtags the Hilarious Mocking They Deserve (VIDEO)

hashtagAre you sick of all the #hashtag madness? Does it annoy you that hashtags have spread like kudzu from Twitter onto your Facebook feed, Instagram, even into text messages, and emails? They started out as a handy tool to help you search for key phrases on Twitter -- and then they took on a life of their own like Frankenstein's monster because people honest-to-God have become incapable of making a declarative statement without adding a hashtag. If that annoys you, then you will love this silly video of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timerlake mocking hashtags.


#!!!! The hashtag hand signals! Is that a thing? Are people actually doing that with their fingers in conversation? Because if they are, THEY NEED TO STOP THAT RIGHT NOW. Okay, but seriously, Justin Timberlake going "LOLOLOlolololol" -- made me #ROLF-- oh, sorry. Habit.

What really baffles me is when people add multiple hashtags. Not just two, but twelve. You're looking of a photo of a sunset on Instagram (because of course you are) and right next to it is: #sunset #Brooklyn #rooftop #keepingitreal #Igrewthosetomatoes #ragingparty #summer2013 #getlucky #daftpunk #mosquitoes #ouch! #bugspray #watermelonmargaritas #stop #toomany #over140characters. That's not even all going to carry over into Twitter. What are people doing? It doesn't even make sense! If you reach that point, you really should just write out a sentence like a normal person would. #Stopthemadness.

I think Questlove speaks for us all there at the end when he says, "Hey guys? #Shut the fuck up."

questlove hashtag

Do you wish the hashtags would stay on Twitter where they belong?


Image via latenight/YouTube


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