Former President George W. Bush's Instagram Feed Is a Precious, Endearing Surprise (PHOTOS)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which probably explains why I like Instagram so much. That and the fact that it’s like the autotune of the photography world, with all the cropping and filtering you can do to make even mundane pictures look simply amazing.

I like it even better when famous people join the photo-sharing site, and extra better when famous people with reputations for being “out of touch” use it to share their very normal lives. Add in my penchant for politics, and you can bet I was thrilled when George W. Bush joined Instagram.


It’s been almost five years since W served as the leader of the free world, and if his Instagram feed is any indication, he’s enjoying retirement just fine. Also he rescued a stray cat and named him Bob. That’s awesome.

He posted a picture of kitty Bob nestled in a basket, with the caption, “Say hi to Bob, a stray who wandered onto the ranch in Crawford. Now he lives with Miss Beazley in Dallas.” Miss Beazley is Bush's Scottish Terrier, by the way.

So cute! Even cuter is the picture of him and his baby granddaughter Milla (Jenna’s daughter) accompanied with the short text, “Happy #GrandparentsDay.” Yay! The former president knows how to use hashtags! My social media-loving heart is happy.

It’s not all cats and babies though -- you can tell that he has a soft spot for the men and women who serve our country in the military. The very first picture he posted was him posing with the family of a fallen soldier at Patriot Golf Day, and just this morning, he added a pic to raise awareness for The Bush Center’s third annual Warrior Open, a golf tournament that honors wounded U.S. service members.

It’s nice to see a fuller picture of the lives of our public figures. It’s so easy, especially with politicians, to forget that they’re actual human beings. For example, who didn’t smile at Ted Cruz reading Green Eggs & Ham to his daughters last night while he was filibustering on the Senate floor?

No matter what your politics are, these guys are human too. Thanks to social media, we’re finally able to connect with their softer sides.

Do you follow politicians on social media?


Images via georgewbush/Instagram

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