Apple Founder Steve Jobs' 30-Year-Old Time Capsule Holds Some Pretty Stunning Secrets

In 1983, Steve Jobs buried a time capsule during the International Design Conference in Aspen, where he was giving a tech talk. The 13-foot capsule was dubbed the Aspen Time Tube, and was to be recovered in the year 2000.

Unfortunately, the landscape topology shifted, and the darned thing got lost. But thanks to the National Geographic’s TV show “Diggers,” excavators were finally able to unearth the time tube and marvel at the wealth of 80s memorabilia inside -- including one of the very first Apple computer mouses.


Harry Teague, who was part of the original team that buried the capsule, teamed up with “Diggers” archeologist Michael Durkin to find it. They hit pay dirt last Thursday after using “some good, old-fashioned math” on the original coordinates.

Inside was a mouse from Apple’s first mass-marketed Lisa computer, among other 80s relics like a Rubiks Cube, an eight-track recording of The Moody Blues, a June 1983 copy of Vogue Magazine, and a six-pack of Balantine beer.

When we buried the capsule in 1983 at the IDCA conference titled ‘The Future Is Not What It Used to Be,’ it was scheduled to be unearthed in 20 years. We had no idea it would be 30 before we would finally get around to digging it up,” said Teague. “I’m sure it’s loaded with things of cultural and historic import, but the mouse from one of his new Apple Lisa computers that Steve Jobs threw in at the last minute has to be one of the more iconic items.

The even cooler thing about this 1983 conference though, is the recording of 28-year-old Steve Jobs “foretelling” the iPad. He said:

We will find a way to put (a computer) in a shoebox and sell it for $2,500, and finally, we’ll find a way to put it in a book.

He always was a visionary.

The Aspen Time Tube episode of "Diggers" is being scheduled to air in early 2014.

And now for the most important question about this story: Would you drink the 30-year-old beer?


Image via Ellery Chen/Flickr

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