Powerball Winner Bought $400 Million Ticket Instead of What His Wife Sent Him For

hot dog bunsImagine you check the winning Powerball numbers only to find that they match yours, and that gigantic jackpot everyone in the country has been coveting is all ... yours. That's the typical daydream we've all indulged in at one point or another. But one man in Columbia, South Carolina wasn't daydreaming last week. The fantasy actually happened to him, and the funniest part is that he says he isn't the type to play or even dream about winning the lottery. In other words, buying his $399.4 million-winning ticket was pretty much a total fluke.

The winner -- who asked to remain anonymous -- said he'd stopped for gas at a Murphy USA service station when his wife called and told him to pick up hot dog buns. He went into the store and instead of buns -- which Murphy's doesn't sell -- he bought $20 worth of tickets on a whim.


Fast-forward to Thursday when he checked his tickets and found out he had won and proceeded to dance around the kitchen with his dog. Ha! Guess his wife can't be too mad about the never-purchased hot dog buns, eh?

Come to think of it ... What if Murphy's actually carried hot dog buns?! Would the guy have used his $20 to buy the winning ticket? Who knows? But the way it all worked out was obviously a beyond-happy turn of events.

Ha, I'm sure tons of Powerball players who buy tickets religiously are a bit peeved that the guy who had only played once before is the one claiming the jackpot. But oh well. It's also a lesson that winning can be a completely random occurrence. And goes to show anything can happen ... Usually the best things when you least expect it.

What's your take on this Powerball winner's story?


Image via El Gran Lee/Flickr

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