Google Plus Has a New Photo Program That Will Change Moms' Lives

photoOkay, so I'm not gonna lie. Even though I signed up for Google Plus a million years ago, I don't use it very often. (And, no, it's not because I'm Facebook; I don't have a Facebook account anymore.) It's just ... I never really saw a need to get heavily involved with yet another form of social media ... until now. Google Plus has just made it WAY easier for moms (and, okay, childless people) to organize their photos.

Photos that are easy to organize? Where do I sign?! Isn't that, like, the number one dreaded task of all mothers? (That, and sorting through baby clothes that don't fit anymore?)


When you upload photos into your Google Plus account, it's super easy to add pics; delete pics; change the album title; change the album photo cover; etc. Like, really easy. And then you can share said album with friends with the click of a button -- even if they're not on Google Plus themselves. And the best part of all? The pics can be automatically backed up to a zip file for storage outside of Google+ (come on, what parent doesn't live in fear of losing all their photos?!). Click the "download album" tab under "More," and voila! Your album will be downloaded to your computer.

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But there's one more thing that has officially made me a Google Plus convert: The Photo Tool can stitch together a bunch of photos into one. As in, say you have many pics from an event, none where everyone in the shot looks good. Google Plus can pluck images of everyone smiling and create one really good pic. Pretty awesome for parents who know it's basically impossible to get a great family shot.

So yeah, I really could do without another social media addiction, but if this photo thing makes my life easier, I'm in!

How do you organize your photos?


Image via Andy Eick/Flickr

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