In Line for the New iPhone 5S? 5 Ways to Cut the Boredom

iphoneThe new iPhone's here, the new iPhone's here! Unless you want the gold model of the iPhone 5s, in which case, you've got to wait until October ... sucker. For the rest of us less demanding folks, the time has come to get our new devices. Which means, unless you're patient enough to wait for your phone to arrive via snail mail, you're going to have to wait in a very, very, very long line.

But that's okay! Waiting for a million hours will only heighten your anticipation. Not buying it? That's okay! I've compiled a list of different ways of keeping yourself busy until you can get the latest model of everyone's favorite smartphone all up in your mitts. 


Lines can be a cruel mistress. Did you bring enough water? How about a seat to rest in when your tootsies get too tired? We're not going to focus on the practical logistics, we'll leave those up to you. Here are 5 ways to pass all of that time as you wait in line.

1. Do Some Push-ups

Because the only thing more awesome than owning the newest iPhone is owning the newest iPhone while having impressive amounts of upper body strength.

2. Play a Game of Telephone

What better game to play while waiting for a new phone? Get the whole line involved! Telephone isn't just for kids anymore. See how badly garbled your message will get. A fun time had by all.

3. Flirt

Use your time waiting to strike up a casual convo with the hottie waiting nearby. Hey, who knows -- you already share at least one common interest.

4. Meditate

In this busy, frantic world, it can be hard to find a little "me" time. Harness you chi and shut your eyes as you wait. Time to get your zen on.

5. Update Your Contact List

Before you know it, you'll have your new phone in hand and be ready to transfer your data. Take this time to cull your address list. If you're anything like me, you've got numbers you don't need. I have one saved listed as "Emergencies Only" that directs callers to a recording of Rick Astley just Rick Rollin' the heck out you via the phone. It's really time I lose that one.

What will you do to pass the time while you wait, read your favorite blog maybe?


Image via Gonzalo Baeza/Flickr

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