Killer Who Shot Mom in Her Own Home Left Her Body for Her Little Girls to Find

NYPDTwo little girls were put through one of the worst ordeals possible this week, and the father of one of the girls may be to blame. Police in New York City say the kids found their mom dead in the family's home in Brooklyn. They'd run out to grab some fast food and returned in just 15 minutes to find their mom, Sellis Gonzales, had been shot six times.

Khadija Gonzales and her little sister, Alyssa, called the police to tell them they'd discovered their mom covered in blood. Cops are now hunting for their chief suspect in the brutal murder -- the father of one of the sisters!


What a monster!

Not only are cops saying Eric McCormick shot his ex-girlfriend, but he left her there, dead, and covered in blood ... for his child and her sister to find.

Who does that?

OK, maybe that's a stupid question. A person sick enough to shoot a woman six times -- three bullets to the head and three to the midsection -- clearly is not someone you depend upon for common sense or even human compassion. But his problem was obviously with the mom.

Why did he have to do this to her children? The killer had to know the girls, ages 5 and 15, would see their mother that way. They'd run out for all of 15 minutes to grab some chicken from a local fast food joint. The killer had to see them go to know that the coast was clear, that he could enter the apartment and do his dirty deed to their mom. Hence, he had to know they were coming back.

This was a crime against this woman. A horrible crime.

But it was also a crime against these two little girls. They lost their mother, and they were forced to see something no child should have to see.

The killer -- whether it's the aforementioned father of one of the girls or some stranger -- should be punished for murder, but that's not all. He should receive extra punishment for what he's done to those children.

What do you think they should do with the killer?



Image via Sean MacEntee/Flickr

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