I Was So Excited About the iPhone Software Upgrade ... Until I Used It

iphonesI like gadgets. I am a huge fan of all shiny things that go "ping." While I don't consider myself to be some sort of engineering genius, I approach new bits of technology with an eager outlook. I am not afraid to put away the old and embrace change. The new has always been my friend.

I've had more cellphones than I've had boyfriends. I'd watch phones get smarter and feel myself ache with envy. Suddenly the cute thing in my pocket perfectly capable of making phone calls would seem not-so-chic. That's why I was so eager to download the new free iOS 7 software update for my iPhone when I heard about its imminent release. I had no idea it would spell the end of my love affair with new technology.


As I waited quietly along with every other iPhone addict on the planet for my software to finish downloading, my hopes were high. I do with phones what you aren't supposed to do with men -- I hope the next innovation will in some way complete me. I'll be real, Siri came pretty close.

Imagine then my disappointment when 11 HOURS LATER my download finally completed and it turns out ... I'm not so wild about the new look. It doesn't seem as chic with its new color palette. I haven't figured out how to shut off different apps. I can't read the texts that easily. My alarm clock went off this morning and I looked around my room, baffled by the strange new sound I was hearing. Also, to my mind, there's nothing more grim than turning off your alarm clock and then getting a run down of the endless list of things you have scheduled for the day.

It might not be the software at all. It could absolutely be me. I used to love figuring out new devices, but now I find myself resenting things I would have viewed as a fun challenge. Maybe my reaction is a sign that I'm getting old and thus have become diametrically opposed to all change! Maybe my new hatred for "kids with their music these days" should have been my first clue.

Are you an iPhone user? What do you think of the new upgrade?


Image via Yutaka Tsutano/Flickr

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