Mobile Carrier Commerical Is the Most Touching 'Movie' You've Seen in a Long Time (VIDEO)

When you think of technology, you don't generally get all weepy. Unless you've face-planted your new iPhone on the sidewalk. No, technology is cold, calculated, it's full of billionaires and steely types. But one tech company, True Move, which is Thailand's third largest mobile operator, has come out with a commercial that, well, will make you cry like a freaking toddler whose puppy has just been given away. Bawl like you just heard your best friend ran off with your husband. But, well, better than that. Like, happy tears. Like you've won the Powerball tears. Only, those types of tears that come when you're touched by humanity. What are those tears called? Oh hell, I don't know. I'm tearing up already.


The video, uploaded to YouTube on Sept 11, already has over 10 million views. That's seven million people who totally sobbed over their keyboards and wiped the spittle from their lips and the gook from their nose as they heaved a few heavy sighs and then wondered WHY THE HELL AM I CRYING OVER A DAMN TECHNOLOGY COMMERCIAL??!!!

Yes, people, it's that powerful and effective. I'm SO switching to True Move. Oh wait, it's in Thailand. I'm SO moving to Thailand so I can switch to True Move.

Check it out:

Well? Can you breath yet? Okay, I'll give you a minute.

The storyline is supposedly based on a real life doctor. What makes us so moved when we see stuff like this, stuff about humanity's goodness? About man's ability to help and love man? Is it because it's so rare? Or because it's so necessary to our survival? Or because ... oh, hell, meet me at the bar and let's have a drink and hug and talk about it. I'll be the one with red eyes.

I love you all!

Did this make you weep? Would this make you switch carriers -- if you lived in Thailand?

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