5 Life-Saving Apps Every Mom Needs to Have on Her Phone

lost childrenLet's be honest here, most of the apps we download onto our phones have to do with photo editing, music, maps, and playing tiny games against people in far-off places. And while that's great, there are some apps out there that 100 percent need to be on our phones in case of an emergency. Hopefully, we'll never have to use these apps, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Here are 5 apps that can literally save your life. Don't wait another minute to download them.

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  • American Red Cross' Tornado Warning App


    "Puts everything you need to know to prepare for a tornado -- and all that comes with it -- in the palm of your hand."

    The Red Cross Tornado Warning app helps you know what to do when a tornado hits, even if cell towers and televisions are down. A siren will sound on your phone (even if the app is closed) if the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issues a warning.

    (There is also a Hurricane Warning app, as well.)

  • Close Call


    Close Call is basically an allergy ID bracelet for your phone. If, god forbid, someone ever found you unconscious, they could look to your phone and see a wallpaper that lists who to call in an emergency, as well as any allergies you may have. 

  • CPR & Choking


    The CPR & Choking app was developed by "leading physicians and educators in emergency care," and it provides immediate info on how to aid a choking victim or how to perform CPR. It's best to be certified yourself, but not a bad idea to have this on your phone.

  • StreetSafe




    The StreetSafe app lets you feel, well, safe when you're out at night. If you're ever in an emergency situation, you can activate a silent alarm on your phone that alerts a monitoring center so police are dispatched to your location. Also, if you're nervous about about walking alone on a street at night, you can phone a safety adviser, who will stay on the line with you until you reach your destination.

  • SafeKidZone



    You can't go wrong with an app whose motto is "relentless protection for kids."

    The SafeKidZone app programs a cellphone key as a panic button. If your kid is ever in trouble, he can push the button and a preselected emergency network of family and friends will automatically be alerted via text, email, and phone call.

    The app also gets the GPS coordinates of the child, and a conference call automatically begins, so parents and friends can take action.

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