Powerball Lottery Players Get a Second Chance at Winning Huge Jackpot

powerball lotteryThink your chances of winning the lottery are pretty slim? They just got upped. The Powerball lottery jackpot just got hiked to $400 million after Saturday's numbers drawing yielded no winners.

Got that? Not a single person in any of the states that take part in the Powerball jackpot came up with the matching numbers needed for a winning ticket. According to the Powerball site, there were no Match 5 Power Play winners either!


If someone had come up with the numbers needed -- 1-17-25-37-44 and the Powerball, 20 -- they would have won $317 million. Since it didn't happen, the Powerball jackpot has gone up to $400 million. That's a $223.6 million cash-option value.

I guess you could say that since no one won, it's now easier for you to do so? I mean, come on, you're getting a second chance!

Think you have it in you to win? You can enter in 43 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands, so good luck!

Do you buy a Powerball ticket? How high does the jackpot have to go to entice you?


Image via rockinfree/Flickr

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