Cruel Girl Steals iPod From Sweet Baby Sitting in a Stroller

strollerAccording to reports, a 2-year-old boy was happily sitting in his stroller, playing with his mother's iPod, when a girl, who was about 12 or 13, walked up to him and cruelly snatched it away. Nice, right? Police are currently on the hunt for the girl who ran off with the device, and a smiling photo of the tween girl has been posted online in case anyone has seen her.

Parents, babysitters, aunts, and uncles: We need to stop giving our kids our iPhones, iPods, and iWhatevers. They're expensive products, and let's get real here: Babies just aren't very responsible. (Hey, I'm guilty of this, too, sometimes!)

The girl who allegedly stole the iPod was wrong. Totally wrong. But here are 5 ways your kid will ruin your iDevice.


1. They'll drop it. If you're going to let your toddler play with your iPhone, you best get one of those cases intended for deep sea divers. Because toddlers wreck shit. Constantly.

2. They drool and slobber all over it. Here, let me just give this teething baby an iPhone to gnaw on. What? Bad idea? But she likes it more than that wooden teething ring I bought her! No.

3. They spill liquids everywhere. All the time. One of my daughter's most favoritest activities is holding her sippy cup upside down and watching the water or milk drip onto the floor. She loves it. Can't get enough. And that's one of the reasons Sippy Cups or Bottles + iPhones = No bueno.

4. They'll lose them. Babies have an uncanny knack for losing things in record time, and small electronics are no exception. If your baby really wants an iPhone, buy them one of those plastic toys that look like iPhones. They make noises and all.

5. Someone will steal it from them. See above. And see the man who was caught on camera stealing an iPhone from a baby.

Do you let your baby play with your phone?


Image via tanakawho/Flickr

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