The New iPhone From Apple Is Cheaper, More Colorful & Full of Surprises


Although black usually goes with any outfit, sometimes you just want a splash of color -- in your phone. Apple, after years of offering only two colors, has just announced the iPhone 5C, a thinner, cheaper iPhone that comes in five candy-hued colors.

What's so special about this new phone? Well, for one, it's far cheaper than any iPhone before. For about $99 for an entry-level model, you basically get the same iPhone available now but at a budget price. The phone also features iOS 7, the new operating system that pulls the iPhone out of the dark ages.


Obviously a new color isn't that exciting so Apple also released something called the 5S, a faster, more powerful iPhone with a far better camera and flash, better processor, and a built-in fingerprint sensor that allows you to unlock your phone just by pressing your finger on the home button.

Is this all a big deal? Sure. It's a massive departure for Apple to offer a phone with such a large cosmetic change. It's also cool that the 5S is far faster than even the most powerful phone on the market these days. This means you get better video and photo editing, better gaming, and better overall performance.

Apple is also making its iWork and iMovie apps free to owners of phones running the new operating system. This is an interesting move because it introduces a whole new group of users to these powerful apps and could convince people to move away from Word and Excel and instead use Apple's own tools.

Fans of bling will also be pleased: the new iPhone 5S will also come in gold.

Are you going to get one?


Image via Apple

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