6 Places to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck When You Sell Your Old iPhone

moneyAdmit it. You want a new iPhone, and now you're going to try to trade your old one in. Or sell it. Or break it. Or eat it! Anything to get your hands on a shiny new phone.

But before you go accidentally leaving your iPhone on the roof of your car before driving away, look into these six options for getting the most bang for your old iPhone buck. You genuinely can make a pretty penny!


1. Gazelle. Go to Gazelle. Gazelle is one of the most popular iPhone trade-in services out there -- and with good reason. They give good money for old iPhones. Good money as in up to $300.

2. eBay. Tons of people sell their old iPhones on eBay and wind up getting good money, because, hopefully, a bidding war ensues. Just be sure to be up front about the condition your phone is in. Don't say "like new" if the edges are all dinged up. Not cool.

3. Craigslist. Again, you have a little more control when you sell your old phone yourself. And hopefully you'll get multiple offers and will be able to sell to the person offering the most. You know, just like you did with that couch from your first apartment out of college.


4. Facebook. Finally, a genuine good reason to be on Facebook! Say you're selling your phone on the social networking site and see if anyone's interested. You may get more interest than you think. Wouldn't you rather buy a used phone from someone you know, as opposed to a complete stranger?

5. Apple's Recycling Program. Apple offers gift cards for, where else, Apple when customers trade in their old devices. You simply have to send them your iPhone, iPad, or computer, and they'll determine if it has monetary value.

6. Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart just announced that, starting later on this month, they're going to offer customers the opportunity to trade in their old, undamaged phone for a credit of between $50-$300. The selection can be used toward a new phone, and there will be over 100 options to choose from. Not bad. 

Are you going to trade in your old phone? If so, where?


Image via Damian Gadal/Flickr

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