Kali Hardig's Recovery From Deadly Brain Amoeba Is Nothing Short of a Miracle

Kali Hardig, the 12-year-old girl who has been battling a deadly brain amoeba she contracted in a lake's water park, has been having a truly miraculous recovery. The amoeba is normally so dangerous that it kills those who contract it within a week. It just recently killed a 4-year-old Mississippi boy who authorities believe got the amoeba while playing on a plastic toy water slide. It also killed a boy in Florida. But Kali, whose mother and supports have been using the number four as her good luck charm (she is the fourth person to survive the infection), has been defying the odds. In fact, she recently went swimming again!


Kali has recently recoverd to the point where she is able to eat, walk, and speak ... but what is truly remarkable is that she also recently went swimming again!

One of Kali's doctors told the Associated Press:

She was fearful of water because that's how she got sick, and so to get over that fear, they took her swimming in the therapeutic pool. After she got over her initial hesitancy, she even started going underwater.

Wow, that's amazing. Not only is Kali strong enough to survive this horrific infection, but she is brave enough to enter water again. The psychological toll this has taken on her must be as great as the physical toll, so to do something that takes that much trust and bravery is out-of-this-world impressive.

Doctors say she currently has no traces of the amoeba, which enters through the nose, in her system, and credit her recovery to early detection, as well as an experimental breast cancer drug that was found to help this condition.

In fact, Kali's recovery has been so strong that she recently left the hospital in order to attend a fundraiser in her honor. She was able to eat filet mignon, a baked potato, salad and a roll.

Kali's mom must be ecstatic with this turn of events, and it sounds like Kali is well on her road to recovery.

Has reports of this brain amoeba changed how you let your child swim?


Image via Kali Le Ann/Facebook

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