iPhone 5S Release Date & Other Details We Know So Far

iphonesApple-aholics on the edge of your seats, waiting with bated breath to get your grubby hands on the latest Mac gadget, have I got news for you! If the latest rumors are to be believed, we are within DAYS of hearing the iPhone 5 announcement ... and within less than a month of being able to buy one and boot it on up!

Apparently, the buzz about two new models -- an iPhone 5S (the next-gen iPhone) and the iPhone 5C (a new, cheaper, more colorful plastic-cased handset version) -- is still holding water, according to a report in Japan's Nikkei. As we've heard before, Apple is planning to tell us all about the must-have devices at an event on September 10, and the products will hit stores 10 days after the announcement, which would be consistent with previous iPhone releases.

Even newer buzz points to GOLD and graphite-colored phones! Whaaa?!


Multiple tech sites say Apple will release a gold-colored iPhone. It may also come in gray or graphite with white panels. Ooooh, new iPhone you fancy, huh? Sign me up for a bullion-hued one and call me Goldfinger!

There's also gossip flying that they'll debut a new alternative to cable, wherein subscribers would pay Apple for TV delivered online. Interesting.

And being that just last week Apple applied for a patent for "interlocking flexible segments" that could replace bulky hinges on its hardware, allowing two pieces of material to be joined by a pattern that's cut into the material, some like ExtremeTech's James Plafke are thinking they'll introduce a superthin MacBook Air made from "one fluid piece of metal."

Whether or not any of this is written in stone remains to be seen, of course, but it does have us even more psyched for September 10!

Which of these newest rumors are you most intrigued by?


Image via kimubert/Flickr

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